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I'm going to try to weed out my gallery here so that it's something I can be more proud to show others. My dA is more of an experimental/art dump. I want this to be more professional....


I'm currently involved in a story telling project called Rook. If you'd like to view it, click here....


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On the mac version of paint I think you can undo four or five times, it's not much though. But I don't find it too hard. If I make a mistake or don't like how some part of it is going, I just fill in the offending pixels with the paint bucket.

Inner-child? Mines inner-sane!

When I say go, go. If I don't say go it would be wise to disappear some other way.
Thank you - I think I agree with your point about the black at the bottom. I might try that out tonight and see how it looks Emotion: smile.gif
Me too! The murals inside were even more amazing. Definitely worth going to see if you go to Thailand Emotion: smile.gif
thanks mate

know thyself
I can't remember if I replied to this, either way I should say something it has been a while, how are ya?
mmm here , indee, i hanvn't see none yet!!So, Maybe u'll be the first!Emotion: smile.gif
Oh u are in deviantart too ?
I have an account, if u want add me as friend^^http://carly2009.deviantart.com/
I don't understand what do u mean :/ do u mean stock photo to edit ?? maybe someone is interesting, i think u cAN submit all u wantEmotion: smile.gif
glad o this^^
thank u so much for the favesEmotion: biggrin.gif and the request tooEmotion: smile.gif
XDDD!!! Thank you sooo much!
I have some will to practice heehee!
well,let's improve our art together ^^

Alice in wonderland, a interpretation of the original books
lol well I'll look forward to it ! and I'm with you there I'm really lazy when it comes to posting artwork.
Thanks that means a lot ^^ not sure how well it will sell though lol
thanks ! ya the hats where the highlight of the show... well at lest for me.
Thanks for the Fav Emotion: happy.gif and all the lovely comments, your gallery looks great I'm going to have to look though it after I'm done posting this commentEmotion: happy.gif